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Brand Sport is retailer, wholesaler and exporter of the well known and famous sport brands, in particular sport style clothing, shoes and accessoires. We sell and export predominantely stocklots, overproductions, cancelled orders, sample collections, outlet models, bankrupcy product of the well known sport brands, without conflicting the manufacturer´s or brandholders distribution network. We have our own distribution channels oustside Germany or Western Europe.

Some brands, clothing, shoes and accessoires are determined only for export. Simply contact us and we will send our offers to you.

You can subscripe our newsletter to receive always the newest offer. Your free membership can be cancelled any time. Or contact us from time to time and we will send you our sales lists.

For the distribution of the brands into Eastern Europe we have own shops and outlets in the Baltic States. Our company there is located in Riga/Latvia.  

Hier finden Sie uns / Here you will find us

Brand Sport
Rinnrain 32
36088 Hünfeld-Kirchhasel

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Tel: +49 (0) 1705359914

Mob: +49 (0) 170 5359914


In Germany we speak German, English and French


Russian speaking customers should call our office in Riga/Latvia


Phone: +371 29615792

email: baltstok@inbox.lv

In Latvia we speak Latvian, Russian and English


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